Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief

NEW IN 2023.
A highly color-illustrated book that functions on numerous levels to soothe body and mind and help the reader drop into the present moment, underneath intense sensations in the body and turbulent thoughts in the mind associated with pain.

Jon’s earliest studies of the outcome of MBSR described its effectiveness for people suffering with a wide range of chronic pain conditions, most of whom were falling through the cracks of the healthcare system and not receiving full satisfaction, if any, from the treatments they were receiving to alleviate the pain. Often they were told that they would simply “have to learn to live with it.”

Too often, that was the end of the conversation. The how of living with it was left unexplored. Once referral to the MBSR clinic became an option, those patients who enrolled were challenged to do something for themselves as a vital complement to whatever medical treatments they were receiving.

This book describes in detail the practices they used and the approaches they followed in working with chronic pain conditions of all kinds through the cultivation of mindfulness and heartfulness, directed inwardly as well as outwardly. It includes a series of guided meditations designed specifically for people with chronic pain conditions, available via download.
The book also contains the texts of those guided meditations. This program will eventually become part of the JKZ Meditations App.