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Amazing, my favourite meditation app

I’ve used lots of different apps to practice mindfulness. This app is the best in my opinion. You learn mindfulness in a clearly explained, easy to understand way with his books and the app as a companion. He doesn’t over-complicate it. I’ve read mindfulness for beginners and am now reading full catastrophe living and feel I am learning and growing a lot. This app is also very cheap which I appreciate as well. If your looking for a mindfulness app or reading his books, I highly recommend this app. He also doesn’t talk too much in his meditations. Some other apps, they talk too much and there is not enough space and silence to learn and practice on your own. This app has just the right amount of guidance and silence.



William S I – Sep 14, 2023

Please keep the bells in the audio guided meditations. App extremely helpful.

I found this app helpful and irreplaceable for me. Please keep the bells in the guided meditations and adding more meditations when you can as you have done with adding the ones for beginners and pain relief. I found the yoga and body scan very helpful. MBSR helps me manage severe anxiety without medication. I do the 45 minute versions once a week and have so for 7 years.

Praying Wings – July 26, 2023

This is an exceptional app and service

First review I’ve ever written on my iPhone but this app is something else. It’s really got me into mindfulness easily and effortlessly and I’m seeing such benefits I’m just weeks. This should be every person’s go to for clarity, peace, healing and insights and wisdom. Regardless of their religion or lack of. The good intention of the founder pours through.

jammy cookie7 – May 22, 2023

Life enriching

This app features Jon’s original guided meditations plus much more. I just attended one of Jon’s live-stream discussions (included in this app subscription) and was quite literally blown away. There’s lots of good content here and more coming from what I hear. Note that I updated my initial review after hearing back from the developer (below) and attending one of the live events. I was too hasty in my judgement.

Leapful – Dec 8, 2021

Life changing

After reading full catastrophe living, I got this app immediately. I do a guided meditation every single day after my yoga practice now. Jon has truly changed my life in ways I am immeasurably grateful for. Please do yourself a favour and read his book and get this app! I am always telling everyone it is necessary to living your best life and being present. Thank you to everyone who has made the app possible and so much love to you Jon. You are truly a hero.

Vvdgbcsssthbsdghuhvdf – Dec 10, 2021


I utilize this app daily for meditation also to review the amazing video content that has been posted monthly. This app is solid gold. Mindfulness is a way of life a way of being, as Jon would say it’s wakefulness.Customer service with this app is immediate and prompt and the content is beyond exceeds all my expectations.

caribchakita – Dec 10, 2021

Jon Kabat-Zinn MBSR changed my life

I love this App. It’s simple and gets the job done. After I look the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and reading Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon, my whole relationship to myself and the world changed for the better. Meditation takes consistent practice and also an understanding of what Awareness and being in the moment means. I love the mindfulness reminders that I can set throughout the day. And I love all of the different MBSR meditation sessions. You also get exclusive live videos and the recordings. I reached out to their help desk because I wasn’t able to see the videos at first. They helped me solve the problem.

Trini Liz – Dec 30, 2021

Powerful and one of the very few apps I use every day

This app is my go-to as I practice a curriculum that is life changing and life giving. I really look forward to ingraining the current content, learning new content, and attending live sessions in 2022. Thank you for this app.

gfoxpotter – Jan 10, 2022

Brilliant – one of the better meditation practices

This is a responsive and deep meditation app which supports the book on understanding pain and pain management. It has a gentle and mindful approach to meditation with some yoga instruction which is suitable for both experienced and beginner practitioners. The variety of meditations ensures that practice remains engaging and although it has no bells and whistles like some of the other apps that I tried, I would thoroughly recommend it. Enjoy!

I dispair - Jan 17, 2022

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… breath by breath, moment by moment. ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

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