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From the top menu tap on “Account” icon and then tap on “You” icon from the bottom.

You will be presented with the logout screen with the delete button after the logout button, tap on delete button.

You will be presented with this screen once you chose to delete your account

Upon confirming account deletion, it will ask you to cancel your active subscription to your



App Store for Apple users, whose initial subscription is in Android device, this message will appear.

Google Play Store for Android users, whose initial subscription is in iOS device, this message will appear

It will then ask for confirmation of deletion,

If you have not canceled your subscription as given instructions above, then since you are deleting your account, you will be responsible for your active subscription, and also we cannot unsubscribe or delete your account for you (as Apple/Google does allow us to do this), you will have to follow the instructions given above.

Reason for deletion

Enter your password, for final confirmation of deletion of account.

Finally, it will then send you a confirmation email of account deletion on the email address you used to sign up.